millennium salons software review

Millennium Salon Software by Harms | A Review About My Experience

I always joke that I am a business man that just happens to do hair. My business philosophy has always been wrapped around technology. When I started doing research about upgrading my salon software, Millennium by Harms kept coming up over and over.

I was impressed by there website and the promise of a company that really understood what my business is about. I had been using Rosy Software by It is a fantastic online based salon software that had gotten us pretty darn far. Unfortunately, we outgrew them and needed a better solution that could handle our changing needs.

I made a call into Harms and got to speak to Dana. She totally rocked my world. I am not easily impressed with sales people. She really took the time to understand me and what I was looking for. I explained I was geek at heart and embraced technology. I told her we were not her regular salon. I explained how I had started a blogging program in the salon to promote our business and that we were one of the first salons in Dallas to offer online booking.

I told her I wanted try a demo out. I asked if she could email me a link so I could check it out and then I would get back to her.

She flat out said no. I was like, umm, what? She explained that she really wanted to walk me through the salon software to make sure I got the maximum experience out of it. I tried to just shake a link or download out of her but she wouldn’t budge.

I was a little put off at the time… I don’t like being told no. I scheduled time to do a demo. My tech guy (my boyfriend) agreed to sit in with me and help make sure that Millennium would be right for our salon.

I won’t bore you with the details of the demo. I will say that it was like a light at the end of the tunnel was turned on. I had all these things I needed a program to do. Dana kept unveiling feature after feature that fit my exact needs.

She explained that they were a company that really listened to clients they service. I was like.. just like a good stylist does with their clients! She told me that many of the people who work at Harms worked in the beauty industry at some point.

We got down to some details and by details I mean $$. She gave me the breakdown of how they sell Millennium. I hesitated on how much it was going to cost. I was just very unsure if the benefits of Millennium would be worth that much money.

Dana calmed me down.. They have several options that would help get us up and running without a huge upfront expenditure on my part. What sold me on the whole package is when Dana offered up an opportunity to go to their upcoming conference called The Experience.

If I acted now… she would comp a ticket to go their event. The thing you need to keep in mind with my experience with Dana, is that she did not act like a shady salesmen at all.. There was an honesty and energy about her that just made you want to trust her… As I am writing this a part of me is saying.. aren’t you glad you did? Yep! I am…

I agreed to go on one condition. If I were going to accept her ticket offer toThe Experience” then I would write a blog about my personal experience with the software and with their conference. I had already spoken to Dana about my beauty blog sites and how we leverage those to market the salon and other products.

She agreed. I signed a contract and scheduled my Millennium integration and immersion. I had no idea how much my Millennium was going to rock my world.

We launched Millennium in the salon 1 week before their conference in Miami. The Experience opened my eyes to just how powerful Harms Software really was when it comes to building a brand and a successful salon. I didn’t intend to, but I drank the Millennium Kool-Aid so to speak.

My 3 days in Miami was an absolute blast. I learned so much and got to network with the top salons in the world.. yes I said world.

My next post will be all about The Experience Conference. It  changed the way I do business. I have been to soo many beauty expo, how to, build your business hair show stuff. Most of which were a complete waste of time. This was not.

I got to meet Tabatha Coffey, Robert Cromeans and Millennium founder, John Harms. It really was quite The Experience!

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